April 12, 2010

            Danielle called me today, completely unexpected, but much to my delight. She wanted to talk with me before she left for New York and her life became hectic. I knew she was my best chance at getting in touch with a new stylist that would take me as their assistant so I asked if she could recommend anyone to me; she claimed to not know any others. I was getting frustrated because, with only two months left of my project, I doubted anyone would want to take me in for such a short time. I considered getting a job at our local mall, but with such a bad economy and no experience, I was not wanted. Then, Danielle suggested I get in touch with an interior designer she knew in the area. I had completely forgotten about my desire to pursue interior design as well so I was very excited to hear she thought I might have a chance working with an interior designer. She didn’t know the name of the woman at the time, but she says she will email me later this week about it. Cross you fingers everything turns out well!

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