March 23, 2011

            As I receive feedback on my journal entries, several questions have arose so I wanted to take a little time to reflect on people comments and answer some questions they may have asked. After Mr. Poling read my February 26th journal about my thoughts on journaling, he asked the question: How can you transfer your journaling confidence and competence to more academic writing if/ when it comes your way in the future?
I’ve always despised ‘academic’ writing because of the immense limits I feel it puts on my creativity and ideas. I find writing prompts are often given to us already skewed by opinion or with little room to explore ones own thought. With this is mind, I do not feel I can write a confident passionate piece if I cannot put my heart into my writing. I understand that in college I will have several papers in which I will be unable to connect emotionally with the subject and so I can only hope my strive for success will allow me to forget my discontent with the assignment and learn to write exactly what the teacher wants.
What types of writing would you need to do if you pursue a career in fashion?
After reading this question, I realized that I did not know much about writing in the fashion industry or what positions called for such work, so I took to the internet to find out. The most interesting position I found was of editorial fashion copywriters who attend fashion shows and travel the world in order to study fashion trends. These people usually work closely with photographers to create spreads for magazines and websites. I cannot confidently say this is an area I believe I can excel at, but I feel that with the right training, it could be a fabulous direction to explore.

As pertaining to my writing on the Academy of Art class: How important is collaboration in the fashion world?
Super duper important. The fashion industry is the ultimate of social jobs and the connections one makes can be vital to his or her success or failure. Because fashion stems from creativity, it is important to express thoughts clearly and have the ability to work with other people to in order to manifest those ideas into something that will be successful. I feel that I work well with others because I am a natural leader and I rarely withhold my opinion. While working with my AAU classmates, I was comfortable and expressive with my ideas and I hope to be able to continue this confidence as I begin working with professionals.

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