March 15, 2011*

This past weekend my Academy of Art class and I designed and participated in our own promotional photo shoot for Bus 48! Two weeks ago, when we decided we wanted a lookbook for our website, our teacher suggested that we implement the ‘styling aspect of the class’ by planning and executing our own photo shoot. With two photographers (Jemma and I) and a class full of beautiful, stylish, photo worthy students, we knew that, with good planning, we could create a real-website worthy lookbook.
We set a date and, because photos are best taken in morning light, we were forced to plan to meet at a very horrible time, . With a time and date set, we had only to figure out where this would all take place. Did we want an inside or outside location? Outside, no doubt, because the mood would be much more of the traveling bus image. So did we want to shoot in the city or a more natural setting? Natural, we wanted to bring the green, ‘at one with nature’ vibe to the shoot. People immediately started throwing out locations and I suddenly thought of an old house atop a hill in Orinda. Well, not just any old house, the oldest surviving house in our county and the perfect set for a rural-adventurer themed photo shoot. With the house being just minutes away from my own home, I pitched the idea to my classmates. We now had a setup place to do makeup and hair and then a perfect shoot location just minutes away. Everyone liked the idea but wanted picture proof that the place was a good setting so I was sent home to scout the location and then post pictures on our online group for everyone to see. After spending more than an hour wondering around the site taking photos of places I imagined us modeling, I posted the photos online and got ecstatic responses. Clarissa even said the photos were as good as a real location scout would take! So it was set and everyone was pumped.
On Saturday morning I woke up at and began my hair and makeup. At I arrived at the local BART station where I was to pick up my fellow female classmates and take them to my home to begin preparation. I was in charge of doing each of the girls’ makeup while another girl did everyone’s hair. At the boys arrived at my house (because they didn’t need very much makeup or hair prep so they could come later) and we began to style one another in the clothes everyone had brought. Earlier in the week, everyone had posted their favorite outfit online and we had chosen key pieces that we all wanted to see at the shoot. With our styling sense not conjoined, we created an outfit for each person that best fit the look of our company and feeling of the shoot. Before we knew it, the clock had stuck and we were piling into a classmates van and heading up to the shoot location.
We spent the next 3 hours enjoying complete creative freedom and the company of one another. As our shoot came to its close, I realized everyone’s excitement had yet to cease and the sense of unified accomplishment had made us much closer. Seeing as it was lunchtime when we finished, all of us agreed to have lunch together at a local restaurant. As we talked and laughed as friends of many years would, an indescribable feeling of ‘rightness’ came over me. I do not know how to best explain it, but there is a feeling one gets when, for the first time, they find themselves in a group of loving individuals who enjoy and share the same interests as them. That day I was proud of my accomplishments in our photo shoot, but more importantly, I was given a renewed hope for a happy and successful future.

Here are some photos I took that day:

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