January 27, 2011*

Of course I have several hopes and expectations for my WISE experience and how it will all go, but I also know there will be things that I learn, both about fashion styling and myself, that I cannot possibly imagine right now. So, my goals for my WISE experience as of now are:

  1. Stay on schedule
  2. Feel confident in my fashion styling choices
  3. Learn the most I possibly can about fashion styling (and maybe even interior styling!)
  4. Learn the best way to conduct myself in front of professionals/important people/adults
  5. Enjoy 100 % of this amazing opportunity
Oh how very easy it is to procrastinate on this project. With the freedom of extra time I can choose to either begin to write my journal as things happen or I can wait until the night before it is due and frantically put together 1000 words. I feel my past has been filled more with the latter choice. This is why staying on schedule is such an important goal for me to achieve every week. I know that writing 1000 words at one time is difficult for me, so I would like to do two entries a week of about 500 words. This means I must commit to the writing process and not just write the night before my journal is due. I think as my year comes closer to its end, this will be harder and harder for me to achieve because of graduation excitement and social enticements. However, I am determined to achieve this goal to insure minimal stress and quality journal entries.
 I can be wearing the greatest outfit I believe I’ve ever worn, but as soon as I’m in front of any type of professional in the fashion industry, I look down and think ‘why on Earth am I wearing this outfit?!’. No doubt, one of my favorite parts of my day is choosing an outfit and I almost always love what I choose to wear. But there is something that happens in my head the moment I step in front of those who are, I believe, judging every stitch on my body. There is always someone who created something better than me in the way they dressed that morning and by the end of the day I never want to see my outfit again. This is why I want to be able to keep the confidence I had when I put on the clothes throughout the day and I know this confidence will only come with knowledge on the subject of dressing oneself. This goal of confidence lends itself to my next goal; learning more about the entire styling industry in general.
For several years now I have scoured the pages of books titled “100 Careers in the Fashion Industry” or “Finding your Place in the Fashion Industry” and thought of all the paths my life could take. Most recently, I have found an interest in styling, both fashion and interior. However, with no programs being offered at school relating to fashion, I have found it difficult to learn much on the topic. Whether it be photography or chemistry class, most students are given the opportunity to learn the basics of their interest in high school before they are thrown into the competitive, detailed teachings of a collage course in that interest. This is why I feel it important that I learn the most I can about the fashion and styling industry in order to be prepared and to excel in college. My goal is to learn the most I can during my classes at Academy of Art University and utilize this knowledge in my work with Danielle Gold.
As I grow older, I realize that being comfortable talking to adults is incredibly important for so many reasons. In recent years I have become more comfortable talking with family friends and other adults I have known for a long time, but when I meet a professional whom I know I must impress, I become uncomfortable and unable to be myself. Because I will be working side-by-side with a professional stylist, I will have to be professional and confident around clients and others who we may be working with. I hope, by the end of this program, I will be confident in every situation from interviews to the common work place.
Although this is both work and school, my project is something that I chose because of my increasing interest in the subject. I have high hopes for my project and cannot imagine a better opportunity to explore the things I love.


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