April 21, 2011

            Today I received another email from Danielle. She had just read my latest blog entry and was none too pleased with what I wrote. She was angered by the fact that I had claimed she had left me with no ‘plan B’, when if fact she had been working hard to get in contact with an interior designer whom I may be able to work with. So I wanted to make a few things clear to you, the reader. First, I need you to understand that what I write here is often pure emotion of the moment, and this changes rapidly. Often I will write as soon as something happens, even though it may be better for me to thoroughly think about the situation before letting the world know what is going on. When I wrote about Danielle “leaving me stranded” it was because, at the time, she had not suggested the job with the interior designer and I felt the offer of giving me a remote assignment each week would not be something my teacher would approve of. These misinterpretations are one of the biggest reasons I was hesitant to write a blog that all could read at any moment. Second, Danielle has not left me stranded. She is trying her best to help me complete my project by continuing to give me assignments and assisting me in getting in contact with others in the fashion field. Today I sent an email to the interior designer Danielle suggested I work with and next week I will go job searching at several stores in our local mall. I hope I can get my project rolling again in the coming week.

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