January 30, 2011

            My first photo shoot as an assistant stylist happened yesterday! As I took the hour long drive to San Rafael, I found I had absolutely no clue what to expect, I didn’t even know enough about fashion styling to know what I should expect to be doing. As I arrived at a large warehouse, I was quickly led by the flash of lights through a door to a small room crowed with children, parents, photographers, and racks of clothing. I promptly eyed my WISE third space person, Danielle, and nervously asked her what I should do. She quickly showed me around the small studio and explained to me that we were dressing several young girls for a low profile designer’s newest line. I was given a few minutes to settle in and observe what was going on and then thrown into my first assignment, steaming clothing. No, I had absolutely no clue what a steamer was, but I guess I have to begin learning somewhere and that began with learning how to use a steamer. Throughout the next 5 hours I did a lot of organizing, cleaning, and above all, getting a feel of what to expect for the next 5 months of my WISE project. As I helped carry the last of the items out of the studio at the end of the day, I felt so grown up. Although I am not getting paid, I consider my work as important as a job that may be supporting me in the future. It is difficult for me to admit that my childhood has almost ended, but I realized my excitement for what the future will bring gives me the confidence to strive for the best.

putting the clients clothing in her car at the end...

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