February 3, 2011

            Today I began my first ‘homework assignment’ from Danielle. Before my Diablo magazine shoot this weekend, she asked me to complete an inspiration collage on 1970s inspired denim. First though: what’s that? So I took to Google, searched “fashion inspiration college”, came up with a million unhelpful answers (what usually happens when you ask the internet questions), and realized that this collage is probably just like any other collage I’ve had to do for school projects since kindergarten. So I sent Danielle a quick email asking about size and any other requirements, to which she promptly responded with something along the lines of ‘go wild’. So I did. I spent the next several hours researching the seventies and its styles. High waisted jeans. The mini skirt. Flared trousers. All these trends had me thinking about my mother, only in her twenties at the time and just like me; ready to embark on whatever life had to offer her. Now, it seems, the styles she wore as a young adult are becoming popular again and will become the style I wear as a young adult. I love how fashion works. As I embarked on my journey back to 70s fashion I asked my mother to advise me on the pictures I chose to use in my collage. I was fortunate to find several photos actually taken in the 70s of ordinary people. I based my collage off what I saw; first finding photos of what was worn then, then finding their modern day counterparts in my fashion magazines. Finally I dug through my collection of old jeans and found a pair willing to be born again as part of my collage. I decided to forgo the common rectangular shaped collage and create a flared jeans shaped collage. I used my cut up pair of old jeans to background the collage and went to work pasting the photos I had found. In the end I still turned out something that looked like an elementary school kid had made it, but I was proud of the research I had put into it. (Later, at the Diablo photo shoot, I would learn that 70s inspired denim was an up and coming trend for this season and what the models in the shoot were wearing).

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