February 6, 2011

“Everything expensive comes in its own bag” –Danielle Gold
A few days ago I worked with Danielle styling at my first major high-end photo shoot. This shoot was for Diablo magazine so, unlike my first shoot, the room was huge, the models were tall, and the clothing/shoes/accessories were expensive. Having never owned a ‘designer’ anything before, I felt almost a sense of disbelief as I was put to work organizing Louis Vuittons (I just spent 2 minutes trying to figure out how to spell that… that’s how much I know about designer wear), Jimmy Choos (yep, had to look this one up too), and Prada (oh good, I knew how to spell that one at least). Now its hard to describe why I feel so out of place around such expensive and famous items, maybe its that I just don’t quite understand why someone would want to create something for only an elite few who are often more proud of the price tag of the item than the item itself. I want to appreciate the beauty and exquisite design that is often displayed in such high fashion, but all I see is the haze of the over privileged elite. However, maybe someday I will understand that world…
Not only were the clothing and accessories intimidating, the models and professionals all around me were too. One of my goals in this project was to feel more confident talking to professionals, and this day was a perfect example of why this goal needs to be achieved. One of the first things I remember upon arriving at the studio is my immediate fascination with the models. I was so overwhelmed by the power they seemed to command that when they asked me a question I could just smile but no words would formulate in my mouth. This is a situation I should expect in every work place I go to, so I hope to get better at this as quickly as possible.
            In last week’s journal, you read about the small cluttered room in which I witnessed my first photo shoot, however, this week, the space was entirely different. Now we were working in a huge empty room in the warehouse district of San Francisco. Because I am working with a freelance stylist, my third space is wherever the client specifies, yet this space has similar qualities at every place I go. The racks of colorful clothing and tables full of shoes, bags, and accessories always tell me I’m in the right place. First, the smell of freshly steamed clothing, but, as the day goes on, the freshness slowly fades into the smell of sweat. As everyone works hard, the sound of the radio playing in the background fades in and out of ones conscious. I will often stop suddenly in the middle of my work and look around, realizing that where I am and what I am doing is the beginning of the rest of my life. I smile as I run my hand along the folds of a new silk dress then glance at Danielle busily preparing a model to perfection; someday I will be where she is now. The intense flashes of light jumping from the photographers camera keeps one aware of the work that is being done in the room.  With white walls just begging for the company of color, these studios often induce a creative side and desire to make something within it. Everyone in the room is working together to create one message, or one idea, and above all one piece of art.

In that stark white room...

Final spreads in the March 2011 issue of Diablo Magazine

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