March 18, 2011 -- Feedback from Mr. Poling


Your latest journal entries from the end of February are well-written.  I agree with your assessment of your writing as it pertains to WISE.  Your prose does show more confidence in your WISE journal than it did in the traditional English essays of last semester.  This is an interesting idea to reflect on.  Why do you think you write better in your WISE journal?  Do you feel as confident writing the WISE research entries?  How can you transfer your journaling confidence and competence to more academic writing if/when it comes your way in the future?  What types of writing might you need to do if you pursue a career in fashion?

I really enjoyed the learning you describe happening in your Academy classes.  You provide rich details of what you’re doing and who you’re working with. I would love to see some reflection on the idea of collaboration.  Do you work better in groups?  Why/ Why not?   What makes some groups work well and others fail?  How important is collaboration in the fashion world?  

Your journals ended in February.  What have you been up to the first two weeks of March?

Mr. Poling

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